Staffing Solutions


Our Solutions

Today's technology environment is rapidly changing and evolving. Custom enterprise applications, web solutions, mobile applications, cloud services, data management, secure networking - all need to synergise, collaberate to create enterprise value. That's where Ecorp Consultants makes critical contributions to every aspect of technolgy solution.

Our Agile Development

In order to capitalize on opportunities, the capability for a business to adapt and respond to change is critical. Our agile development welcomes and adapts to change. The project is divided into iterations, each of which results in a piece of working software. This makes our development process easily adapt in accordance with changing business conditions. The continuous testing process means your solution is always ready to market and use.

Technology Enablement Solutions

Success in any industry requires the right resources at the right time at the right price. Ecorp Technologies provides technical consultants capable of performing a variety of roles within your organization. Whether for temporary or short-term engagements, our technology enablement resources can be plugged into your teams easily and at competitive rates, enabling your operational goals.